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        Welcome to Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-tech Island

        Eco & Hi-tech City, Low-carbon Smart Island

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        Building up a world-renowned AI demonstration area

        Gathering global resources to jump start smart initiatives

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        Developing an international demonstration area for water science & technology application

        Focusing on water-related industries Building an international communication platform

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        Sino-Singapore Cooperation

        Creating a new model of China-Singapore cooperation by tapping on the experiences and wisdom of two countries

        Prospective Planning

        A miniature Singapore-style garden city A fourth-generation model city

        Industrial Development

        Integrating global resources and jumping start development with new driving forces

        Traffic System

        Establishing a green traffic system featured with “public transportation + walking” concept

        Sino-Singapore Nanjing Eco Hi-tech Island Development Co.,Ltd.

        Address:Jiangdao Technology Innovation Center, No.1 Xiankun Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, P.R.C.

        TEL:+8625-87717222 FAX:+025-87717220