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        Online 簡體中文

        Into Linry

        Jiangsu Linry innovation material technology co.,ltd., located in theZhenjiang New Area National High-tech Park in Jiangsu, China, is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in design, manufacturing, sales and service of high-strengthand high modulus ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber non-woven cloth, aramid fiber non-woven cloth composite material and products……

        Recommended Products

          Body armor

          The Company has a complete range of body armorsto provide customers with a variety of optionsor provide……


          Bullet-proof armor plate

          The Company is specialized in production and research on bullet-proof armor plates of vehicles and vessels……


          Bullet-proof shield

          Bullet-proof shields produced by the Company are mainly made of pure PE plate or synthesized with ceramic……


          Bullet-proof helmet

          The Company produces a full range of bullet-proof helmets, covering a variety of sizes, helmet types and coatings.


          Bulletproof UD fabric

          Company specializing in bulletproof UD fabric production and research, widely used in aviation, ships……


          Bulletproof chip

          The bulletproof chip produced by our company is complete.



          The thermoplastic low smoke halogen free flame retardant polyolefin sheathing material at 90 degrees is a kind……



          The low smoke halogen free flame retardant polyolefin insulation material irradiated at 125 degrees is a kind……



          Thermoplastic non environmental protection flame retardant polyethylene sheathing material is a kind……


          The anti - Trace polyethylene sheath material is a kind of plastic particles made by mixing……


          Thermoplastic polyethylene sheathing compound is based on halogen free non-toxic polyethylene.


          Nylon class

          he nylon sheath is based on halogen free non-toxic nylon.


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        Linry·High quality security products

        Linry takes science and technology innovation as the mainline of company’s work and relies on technology R&D and testing forces of Ningbo Institute of Industrial Technology, CAS and Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to provide a solid guarantee for tackle problems in key technologies.