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        Online 簡體中文


        Product Development

        The company has an excellent technical research and development team, specialized in composite materials, polymer materials, material chemistry and so on. The main R&D personnel have conducted several trainings in various positions. They have high theoretical level and rich practical experience in product development.

        In order to achieve customer satisfaction as the goal, to ensure that the needs and expectations of customers have been determined and translated into company's products and service requirements, the company's quality policy is specifically determined to be:

        "Heart manufacturing, heart service, customer satisfaction"

        In order to achieve the company's quality policy, the company's total quality objectives are:

        a) Product inspection pass rate ≥99%;

        b) Ensure that the contract fulfillment rate is 100%, and the customer satisfaction rate is ≥ 99%;

        c) The response time to customer needs is guaranteed within 2 hours.

        Electronic tensile testing machine Electronic universal testing machine Rheometer
        Thermal aging test chamber Plate curer Differential scanning calorimeter
        Vulcanization press Roller machine Continuous line
        Flat vulcanizer Corner of quality inspection room